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Seamless WordPress Editing

Content creators enjoy the flexibility and power of WordPress alongside the speed, security, and reliability that Strattic brings.

Front-End vs Back-End

By decoupling your live website from the WordPress backend, your website runs super fast with no vulnerabilities.

Technology Adored By All

The best for all worlds. Marketers create their websites in WordPress as usual, while admin and tech teams are put at ease.

Innovative Technology for Better Sites

Strattic by Elementor uses unique technology to generate static
and headless WordPress sites - all in one click.

Highly Performant, Instantly Optimized Sites

Many customers benefit from boosts to their Core Web Vital scores due to the increased speed and better user experience. Faster website page loading speeds are correlated with better ranking in search, and improved conversion rates.

Unprecedented Static Security

By virtue of its pure static architecture (i.e. it’s a collection of HTML, CSS, and JS files with no underlying servers), hackers and malicious actors have nothing to breach, giving you peace of mind and lower maintenance costs.

Scalable Sites

Never worry about your site going down just when you most need it to be up to support incoming traffic. Without the weight of PHP processing and server activity slowing things down, your site will always scale for traffic and load. No need to provision the servers ahead of a big campaign. In fact, the more traffic that hits the CDN requesting your site, the faster your site will perform.

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Global CDN with 300 Locations

We serve the static sites completely on a global CDN to ensure the fastest delivery of all your content worldwide.

Effortless Performance

Your statically generated WordPress site will scale effortlessly for traffic, and get up to 50x faster under load! Your site won’t slow down or crash.

Pre-rendered For Faster Content

Unlike many Headless WordPress options that rely on fetching data to render content, all of our static sites are pre-rendered for increased speed.

Isolated Runtime Environment

Your WordPress site is in a secure containerized environment that is protected from the web and spins down when not in use.

24-hour Award-Winning Support

Our customers love our live chat and email support. Whether you're just getting started or need help with advanced features, we are here to help you.

Incremental Builds

With our Quick and Selective Publish options, you can quickly publish your most recent content updates! Perfect for fast typo fixing.
I highly recommend Strattic, especially if you’d like your site to be super fast, don’t want it to get hacked, and prefer to focus on your product and not on the headache of maintaining WordPress
Doron Gutman
Devops at Honeybook

Experience the Security and Speed of Headless WordPress Hosting