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Last Update: January 5, 2024

By using the Import Kit function, you may import your packaged Elementor Export Kit from another website.

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This option is located in Elementor > Tools

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To Import your Export Kit from another website:

From Elementor > Tools > Import / Export click the Start Import button. The Import Kits page will open 

Upload your zip file

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Drag your Export Kit .ZIP file to the area provided, or click to select the .ZIP file from your local computer

Choose the plugins to Import

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Select the plugins you wish to be installed from your old location. Only plugins that are available in the WP repository can be imported. Paid pro plugins from third parties will not be installed. 

Select content to be imported

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You will now be asked to select which parts you want to apply. By default, all items are checked. Click the Import button.

Enabling unfiltered file uploads

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A popup message may appear at this time. If you have not enabled unfiltered file uploads on your new website yet. This will allow the installer to import SVG files for icons and other needed content.

Importing the Theme Builder templates

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The importer will notify you of any Theme Builder templates that are currently in use on your existing website and give you the option to overwrite each.Templates left unchecked will still be imported, however, the display conditions will not be set.  Choose the most appropriate options for you at this time.

Start the import

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Click the green next button to begin. The process will start immediately. Depending on your file size, the process will take several seconds to a couple of minutes to complete. Once completed, you will be prompted to return to your dashboard.

Important: We recommend that you backup your site before importing a kit file.

Important: An invalid template error will be displayed if attempting to import kits from Envato using the Elementor Import feature. These kits are bundled differently than Elementor Kits. When using kits from Envato, you will need to install and import using their companion plugin. Please refer to their documentation for more information.

Tip: If you develop your website locally using Local by Flywheel, Xampp, or other server solutions, you must allow inbound traffic to your web server. The importer must be able to reach the source files in order to grab images and other dependencies. Refer to your server documentation. If unable to do so, you will need to manually replace the missing dependencies on the new website.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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