Support and Updates

Last Updated: March 2022

We provide updates and support to paying customers. Don’t abuse our key and don’t pass it around.

Account Credentials

These are meant to ensure you receive your Subscription Plan.

When you register and create an Elementor account, you will receive credentials.

The Account Credentials allow us to authenticate, classify and ensure that your Subscription Plan so that you can receive timely support Services, software updates, and copies of our template library.

We also use this key in accordance with our Privacy Policy to monitor that no abuse is made.


When you purchase a subscription, we will send you updates for the subscription period. Don’t forget to install them.

We may update or upgrade certain components included in the Software at our discretion.

If you purchase and fully pay for a Subscription Plan, you will receive all updates made generally available during the subscription period.

These updates will be available to the websites which you bought the Subscription Plan for.

All Software updates are also licensed under the GPLv3 license unless specified otherwise.


Pay for support, get support.

When you purchase a Subscription Plan that includes certain support Services for the Software only, we will provide you (the Subscription owner and not the actual payer or the professionals working on your site) with support according to that specific plan.

Support is provided for Software only under the specific Subscription Plan you purchase through our channels and on a reasonable commercial effort basis.

We will use reasonable efforts to respond to any support ticket in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the specific Subscription Plan you have purchased.

The Support Services shall not include: (i) altered or damaged Software or any portion thereof; (ii) problems caused by your negligence, abuse or misuse of the Software; and/or (iii) downtime due to: (a) our maintenance time; (b) your own Internet service provider; (c) a force majeure event; (d) any systemic Internet failures; (e) your acts or omissions; (f) third party software; and/or (g) anything outside of our direct control.